Three New Pairs of Shoes I Recently Purchased

three new pairs of shoes I bought

If there’s something that I shouldn’t be doing and have been doing way too often since the start of the quarantine period, it’s online and recently in person shopping. I’m always eager to shop for pretty clothes and accessories (and books even though my collection is full of unread ones) and I’ve added several new pieces to my closet in the past four months. The last purchases I made were (on separate occasions) these three new pairs of shoes for different scenarios! My coworker friend Okie and I started going on long walks together after work on Wednesdays, so I obviously had to buy a cute new pair of sneakers since I only have old Converse and white Nikes I don’t wear anywhere for fear of getting them dirty (make it make sense?). The first of my three new pairs is these lilac/pastel pink Nike Air Max 2 ones that I can’t find anywhere online, but is most similar to these also from Nike. The shoes are beautiful and are made of two fabric layers, so they’re extremely comfortable. They have a thick rubber heel and a pink textured layer on the back. I love them with all of my walking outfits! My fourth pair of Cole Haan mules (here’s a suede pair I bought in May) and the third new pair of shoes is called the Piper Genuine Calf Hair Mule in a cheetah print. I love a good print and leopard or cheetah can be worn as neutrals with the right outfit. I like these mules with a small floral pattern or with a monochrome pink outfit! The last pair of shoes I bought recently are these brown leather Cole Haan sandals (I know, there are other shoe brands that exist) that are great for every day. I love them with sundresses or flowy tops and denim shorts! Okay, enough shoe shopping for the next few months.