Thoughts on Sex and the City by a First-Time Viewer

The first episode of Sex and the City aired when I was barely two-years-old, so I missed the early days of cosmopolitans, silk newspaper dresses and modern female sexuality. However, thanks to HBO, I’ve watched all 94 episodes of Carrie’s love interests, Charlotte’s pregnancy attempts, Miranda’s unexpected family and Samantha’s one night stands with anyone and everyone. I first had an interest in the show after my mom and I fell in love with the first movie. I didn’t know anything about the girls or their current and past relationships, but watching their interactions and experiencing their love stories made me an instant fan. I re-watched the movie dozens of times before attempting to watch an episode, but I knew I had to see the girls’ stories from the start. I’ve had many thoughts while eating and binge-watching all 94 episodes, so I gathered 25 of my most common for this post! Have you ever seen Sex and the City? What are your thoughts?

  1. I need three girlfriends (Kai Ľolu, Brandon, Mikayla) to move to New York with me right now.
  2. I would love to write a column for a living and be able to afford $400 Manolos whenever I feel like it.
  3. Why are all of these men so terrible? How are they getting dates?
  4. I greatly dislike Mr. Big in every episode.
  5. How many condoms does Samantha use each week? At least seven, right?
  6. I wonder if the girls eat any other meals besides brunch and late night dinner.
  7. Stanford and Anthony are under appreciated by the SATC fan base. They’re hilarious and they add an extra layer to the show!
  8. I would love to be a Samantha but I’m 100% a Carrie (plus a dash of Miranda’s cynicism).
  9. In what world can each woman afford her own apartment in New York without a roommate?
  10. They have to talk about something besides sex and fashion at some point, right? Like what about politics? Family? Sports? Anything else?
  11. Samantha was definitely an icon as a working woman who embraced every part of her sexuality. I love how she’s open and confident in exactly who she is.
  12. Charlotte is just like my mom because she’s sweet and classy. She’s the exact opposite of my mom in her naivet√© and high maintenance.
  13. I know the show is 50% fashion, but shit, most of the girls’ outfits are horrible!
  14. There’s no way Carrie is going to sleep in a lace chemise, men’s underwear and a string of pearls.
  15. I like how the girls bring different opinions to the table. It’s rare for girls like Samantha and Charlotte to get along and respect each others’ opinions, but they do so well.
  16. Miranda and Steve are the perfect couple and I wish it didn’t take her so long to tell him how she felt! 
  17. I was inspired when Richard cheated on Samantha and she put up the flyers announcing his infidelity.
  18. How is Carrie so well known in the fashion world and on the streets by only writing her newspaper column? She’s basically a celebrity!
  19. Charlotte’s bedroom problems with Trey were hilarious and frustrating. She shouldn’t have married him so quickly until she knew they were compatible in all aspects!
  20. Aidan was the perfect man and I’m still pissed that Carrie cheated on him, said she would marry him and then changed her mind! He was so good to her and forgave her for cheating, but she still chose drama over love.
  21. It was smart of the show runners to give Samantha a cancer storyline. Her health problems made the show more realistic and showed a different side of Samantha as a character.
  22. I loved how Charlotte and Harry got together. She needed someone to make her less polished and perfect all the time and Harry was one of the best husbands on the show!
  23. I didn’t think Smith was going to be such an important character, but he was amazing to Samantha. When she went with Richard to his hotel room and Smith waited for her in the lobby the whole time, I cried.
  24. Carrie and Big deserved each other more than anyone else.
  25. I still hate Big.