This Is Noelle in The Hawaii Herald

Article in The Hawaii Herald

Back in the beginning of August, a writing intern for The Hawaii Herald named Katherine emailed me to ask if she could write a feature story for a later issue of their newspaper and of course I said yes! The Hawaii Herald is a bimonthly periodical by, for, and about Japanese Americans (subscribe and read some of their last issue’s articles here!) that was founded by Hawaii Hochi founded Fred Kinzaburo Makino in 1942. Makino founded the Hawaii Hochi newspaper in Japanese back in 1912 as a way for Japanese laborers to read the news in their native tongue. Prior to the paper’s development, Makino was released from prison for organizing a labor strike in 1909. He also advocated for worker’s rights, American citizenship for Japanese soldiers who fought in the first world war, and against American intervention in Japanese language schools. In 1942, the Hawaii Hochi was renamed to The Hawaii Herald and was printed in English, but it was eventually returned back to its original name ten years later. The Hawaii Herald became the Hawaii Hochi’s sister newspaper in 1969, was discontinued for four years, and was brought back in 1980. Today, 40 years later, The Hawaii Herald shares stories about members of the Japanese community in Hawaiʻi and the work they’re doing. My grandma even said her father used to read the Hawaii Hochi while he was still alive. Katherine interviewed me and crafted this thoughtful and well-written feature story along with staff reporter Ida Yoshinaga in their end of November issue for which I’m extremely thankful! Katherine, Ida, and editor Jodie Chiemi Ching have been incredibly kind and compassionate toward my writings and work outside of my blog and I’m excited to have worked with them and be featured in the newspaper! I hope you enjoy the article and subscribe to The Hawaii Herald for more news about Japanese issues in Hawaii!