The Worst Time of the Year

There are four months out of the year that I despise: the downtime between basketball and football season. Once Baylor finishes their run in the NCAA tournament, I truly have zero sports news to share. Last year I wrote a series called “Football Focus”, where I summarized each football position with definitions and examples. I also created “The Coach”, in which I celebrated some of my favorite leaders in the collegiate and professional scopes. This year, however, I’m at a complete loss. Maybe it’s because I’m uninspired or worn out from an exhausting 2016 football season, or perhaps it’s because I have no idea what the future of Baylor football looks like. With a brand new coaching staff, fresh schemes and unknown player faces, there’s no way for me to preview the upcoming season and its possibilities. I’m just hoping for a quick offseason with immense growth and perfected routes. May the 2017 football season be the best yet.