The Women’s March (on the World!)

Yesterday, women and men took part in the largest protest in history. The Women’s March started out as a grassroots effort in Washington D.C., but stretched its endeavor toward all ends of the earth. Over 4 million people from all 50 states and dozens of countries around the world marched in honor of women’s rights and equality for all people, and against bigotry, misogyny, hatred, prejudice, racism and sexism. While the D.C. march brought in over 500,000 people, sister marches broke attendance records and made their cities witness the power of true democracy. From HawaiĘ»i (imua!) to London, these brave and compassionate people were brought together by one common goal: ensuring that all humans have equal rights no matter their race, sex, gender identity, religion, disability or sexual orientation. After such a hateful presidential campaign, watching strangers protect, root for, and love each other was inspiring and gave me hope for a kinder future. My favorite politician/uncle/human Bernie Sanders gave a rousing speech in his home state of Vermont and joined the thousands of marchers in their journey. We must use the progress we made through the march to continue the fight against hate. We already know that compassionate people can accomplish any goal when they work together and when we are led by people like Bernie, Linda Sarsour, Tulsi Gabbard and Van Jones, our future is already brighter.