The Teeniest Bikini

 J.Crew top, J.Crew bottom

I went through a two year phase of strictly wearing one piece swimsuits to the beach as I was/am extremely insecure about my body. I haven’t been eating as healthy as I should or working out as much as before, so my areas of chub have increased. For those reasons, I’ve covered up as much as possible and sported the same two swimsuits every time I saw the ocean. However, I recently decided that I won’t hide my body or feel self conscious when I’m at the beach because my self confidence issues eventually harmed my experiences. Instead of having fun with my friends and enjoying my time, I was worrying about how others were viewing me. One of the main ways I improved my perspective was questioning if today was my last day alive, would I rather cover up and stress out about how I look or invest my time and energy in having the best time with my friends? Thankfully I chose the latter! With a new mindset, I purchased this mix and match swim set from J.Crew during their swim sale last week. I love how comfortable and cute the top and bottom are and how confident they make me feel. Now let’s have more beach days and fewer moments of anxiety! Also, pass the beach-ready Tanioka’s.