The Summer to Fall Floral Transition Dress

the summer to fall dress

Tash + Sophie dress, Ann Taylor belt, Cole Haan shoes, Madewell bag

I’m in no shortage of floral tops or dresses (previous outfit examples here and here) or clothes in general, let’s be honest, but my full closet is not stopping me from buying more pieces to add to my wardrobe! Although it’s technically always summer here in Hawaiʻi—aside from the few weeks in December-January where we get a lot of rain and temperatures in the low 70s!—I’m always most excited about buying outfits for the spring and fall (when I was in Texas, I couldn’t stop buying sweaters and coats for the winter time). My most recent purchases have been pieces for summer to fall that easily transition between the seasons with a few adjusted accessories. I found this perfect summer to fall dress from Tash + Sophie that features baby pink and yellow flowers on a teal and green background that would look beautiful in both seasons. Dresses are probably the easiest transitional piece because they can be worn alone with sandals in the summer and over tights and under a jacket if it gets especially cool in the fall! The dress itself is about three-four sizes too big for me, but I loved the pattern and the flutter sleeves so much that I bought it intending to make it fit with a little reworking. Because it would naturally hit below my knees and hang in a parachute-like shape, I added a thin brown belt from Ann Taylor, which I twisted in a knot, and wrapped tightly around my waist. I pulled the dress above the belt to make it look a little draped without overwhelming my body. Thankfully the belt matches my favorite Madewell tote perfectly and the pink flowers in the dress are the same shade as my everyday pink Cole Haan mules. Should it ever get cooler out, I would throw my denim jacket on top!