The Sports Podcast List

As an avid sports fan, I’ve researched ways to stay in the loop throughout the year. While SB Nation websites and ESPN shows are my usual go-to, I’ve discovered that podcasts are an excellent way to get my daily sports information on the go. Instead of listening to Hamilton 24/7, which I do, I like to switch it up and tune in to one of my favorite online sports series. There are 10 shows that I listen to almost every day, which range from general sports information to just football or just basketball.

  1. Mike & Mike: The combination of sports journalism Mike Greenberg with former NFL lineman Mike Golic is always a hilarious feat. The two sports anchors’ opinions often clash, but they always find their way back to each other in a unified front.
  2. The Bill Simmons Podcast: Although I despise Simmons’ conversations about the Patriots or Tom Brady, his humor and calm demeanor always draw me in. I love his banter with celebrity and sports guests as well!
  3. Jalen & Jacoby: Jalen Rose and David Jacoby mix sports and pop culture news in the best way. The two men balance each other out perfectly and they know exactly how to make a daily podcast fun and different.
  4. The Right Time with Bomani Jones: I absolutely love Bomani Jones! I used to watch SC Top 10 just to see Jones’ fun take on the most exciting plays of the week. I make sure to tune in to his show whenever I can.
  5. SportsCenter: The first ever SportsCenter podcast debuted on April 25th and I loved listening to it. The concept is fresh- an update of all the top sports news in a 15 minute period.
  6. The Herd with Colin Cowherd: I don’t always agree with Colin (I actually rarely do), but I mainly listen to his show on the days that Joel Klatt makes an appearance. 
  7. Breaking the Huddle: Speaking of Joel Klatt aka my favorite sports announcer ever, his podcast on football strategies and news is the most informational for aspiring coaches like me.
  8. His & Hers: Michael Smith and Jemele Hill both have bold personalities and strong opinions on sports, so it’s fun to see them duke it out on television and on a podcast. Although I disagree with Jemele Hill 96% of the time, it’s inspiring to see a strong woman who doesn’t hold back when it comes to sports. 
  9. The Matt Jones Podcast: Matt Jones has a way of talking about sports without sounding condescending as many sports announcers/podcast leaders do. I love listening to his discussions with athletes and celebrities alike.
  10. Sports Without Balls: This podcast was created by my English professor’s sister Erin Foley. The concept of the podcast is that women can talk about sports just as eloquently as men can, if not even better.