The Songs I’m Learning While Quarantined

There are many songs I'm learning on this guitar

I’m not technically quarantined to the extent as most people on O Ľahu (the pros and cons of being an essential state employee are currently conflicting), but I have been staying home every night and weekend for the past three weeks. As everyone in the world is simultaneously experiencing, social distancing can become…extremely boring, so keeping busy and actively entertaining one’s hobbies is essential until the coronavirus starts slowing down. In order to keep myself occupied without just watching old episodes of Revolution for hours, I’ve been playing my guitar constantly and have compiled some songs I’m learning that have been on my to-do list. The songs I’m learning are generally in the Indie/Rock categories (basically the main genres of music I listen to) and they all come from some of my favorite musicians. Daughter is one of my favorite bands ever (I’ve written about their lead singer/songwriter Elena Tonra’s solo album), and because their open tunings and fingerpickings are often quite complicated, I find that using this free time to learn a few songs is most ideal. One of the songs I’m learning that I’ve spent the most time on over the past couple of weeks is “Shallows” by Daughter, which is in open G tuning and is entirely picked with two electric guitars. I only have one acoustic guitar, but I think it sounds almost as good when I’m playing alone. The most recent of the songs I’m learning is “I Need My Girl” by The National, another of my favorite bands. The National is wonderful because not only is their sound described as music for sad dads, but their lyrics and instrumentals are incredibly complex and beautiful. The song comes from my most cherished album Trouble Will Find Me and the picking also takes place on an electric guitar. This one isn’t as difficult to learn as “Shallows,” but it’s a little complicated to get the hang of at first. Staying home everyday isn’t fun, but at least for now, I’m using my available time for a good purpose!