The Secret to Long Lasting Makeup

It happens to the best of us; eyeshadows start to crease, foundation separates and slides, mascara smears, powder cracks. No amount of preparation could stop the madness that is makeup meltdown. On a good day, it usually happens to me around the 9-10 hour mark and on a bad day, 6 hours. Makeup meltdown is awful and is possibly one of the worst experiences. Recently, I’ve been searching through the internet and beauty stores for products to keep my makeup locked on my face and discovered an amazing find! The Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray ($14) has been talked about for years with rave reviews given for its power to make face products last all day. I recently picked the spray up on a recent trip to Sephora and boy, am I glad I did! I applied my moisturizer and SPF before giving my face a quick spritz of the setting spray. It may sound weird to apply this before makeup, but trust me on this one, it makes makeup stay on all day. I apply my foundation and concealer after the first spritz and then I spray it again to ensure makeup longevity before powdering. The spray doesn’t work to control oil (there’s another spray for that: Urban Decay DeSlick) but it does make my makeup last incredibly long with even my blush staying on throughout the night! This truly is a beauty lifesaver and is a product I won’t be putting down any time soon!