The Second Hawaiʻi Abolition Collective Direct Action

The second Hawaiʻi Abolition Collective action

My abolitionist comrades and I have been organizing overtime as we’ve already begun establishing ourselves in the community since we founded the Hawaiʻi Abolition Collective last month. We only founded HAC on December 19th and since then, we planned and hosted two candlelight vigils outside of the Oʻahu Community Correctional Center (here’s a post about our first one), organized a penpal program (and here’s a post about that program!), established a few media contacts, and garnered attention from other organizers and groups in the community through social media and news broadcasts! We’ve truly been putting in hours of work on weeknights and weekends trying to roll out more direct actions for people to participate in and encourage others to get involved in our penpal program. Tonight we hosted the second Hawaiʻi Abolition Collective’s candlelight vigil outside of OCCC. This time around felt a lot more relaxed because we’re easing into our roles and responsibilities and we had fewer tasks to work on and plan for. The last vigil went extremely well for our first event ever and we saw a crowd of 30 people, which was 10 more than we planned for. At the second Hawaiʻi Abolition Collective vigil there were approximately 45(!!!!) people in attendance, which again was more than we expected, but the event almost made us feel more intimate. There were only 3 cop cars placed in the jail parking lot and behind us for a second, so the tone of the vigil felt much more respectful and honorary. We brought an adequate amount of tea lights, roses to put in the fences after, a bullhorn, brochures about HAC, and our pau hana talk story invite for next Wednesday. The best part was seeing so many new faces join us tonight that we didn’t see at our first candlelight vigil—people who saw the graphics on IG and on Twitter who felt the need to lend their voices and support to people in their community. I like to say I don’t like meeting new people, but making friends with everyone who came tonight felt like the best idea and I tried my best! The vigil was even more successful than our last one and we’ll take the new friendships and developments we built tonight as we all work toward abolition!