The Save Or Splurge Fashion Guide

Source: The All Hate Us

When it comes to shopping, I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good splurge whether it be on makeup or fashion. I can always be spotted at Nordstrom and Sephora spending money as soon as I can. If I had my way, I would be stocking my wardrobe with rag & bone jeans, Equipment silk tops, DVF wrap dresses, Stuart Weitzman heels, and Saint Laurent handbags (a girl can dream, right?) but in real life, that’s just not going to happen right now. It may seem like in the fashion industry, you either pay big bucks at stores like Nordstrom or barely anything at Old Navy or Forever 21. It can be hard to distinguish what clothing and accessory pieces that are worth the money, so I wanted to create a guide of splurge vs. save worthy items.


I’m a huge fan of the T by Alexander Wang Jersey Tops, but it’s not always realistic to spend $80 on multiple t-shirts. GAP does a great tee that’s 1/4 of the price and feels just as well made. J.Crew also makes soft, easy to wear tees that are always going on sale in different styles and colors. When it comes to button downs and blouses, I’m all for spending a pretty penny. The silk blouses from Equipment are timeless and incredibly versatile, similar to this button down from Current Elliot. However, many tops are trendy and go in and out of style throughout the seasons. For trendy tops, I would save instead of investing in a blouse that’s only in season for a few months. Zara are always bringing out clothes that are inspired by seasonal runway pieces like this plaid top (similar to one by The Row). If you’re looking to buy tops that are likely going to be out of style within a short period of time, head over to Zara and keep a few bucks in your wallet.
Basic tops and trendy pieces: SAVE
Classic blouses and oxfords: SPLURGE


Within the ‘bottoms’ category, there are pants, denim, shorts, and skirts (just to name a few). I’ve really gotten into loose, comfortable pants like these ones from Loft or these from Joie. Well made pants are easy to find at nearly every price range and brand, which means it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on them. Denim is a key item in my wardrobe so I’m willing to spend money on my jeans. This pair of Joie jeans are one of the most comfortable pairs of denim I own and the J Brand 811s are timeless and classic. I’m really interested in ripped denim and classic skinnys for the fall and I can always find a pair I like from rag & bone or Hudson. I’ve been wearing a lot of shorts this summer (shocker, I know) and I’ve been loving longer, rolled denim shorts that can be dressed up or down. I’ve also really enjoyed loose printed shorts to wear at night. I haven’t worn skirts in a while but when I do wear them, I usually go to Zara for classy and chic ones.
Pants: SAVE
Skirts: SAVE


In any professional woman’s closet, I can guarantee you’ll find a handful of appropriate and stylish dresses. Dresses are a dream for lazy ladies (alliteration intended) as they are easy to slip on and can go from day to night with the right accessories! There are loads of different styles of dresses such as the classic DVF wrap dress and the infamous little black dress from Chanel. Of course, there are other options if you’re not willing or unable to purchase one of those incredibly unattainable clothing pieces. T by Alexander Wang do a great t-shirt dress as well as Splendid and James Perse. Dresses, in my opinion, are non-negotiable in a woman’s wardrobe and are definitely worth the investment. Even though it may seem like they have outrageous prices, they are often ‘paid off’ by the amount of times they are worn.
Dresses: SPLURGE


Ah, accessories. They can make or break an outfit and can transform a day look into a night one with a few additional pieces. Handbags and shoes are guilty pleasures of mine and are the pieces I will usually spend a few more (or a lot more) dollars on. They are truly the fashion items that declare femininity and courageous womanhood. When I have a gorgeous handbag slung over my shoulder and a killer pair of heels on, I feel like I can take on the world. The quality of said handbags or shoes is key in whether or not they are worth the price. Even though I would love to buy these amazing Pigalles from Louboutin, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll afford them so I’m usually sent over to Nine West to hunt down a similar pair. Nine West do fabulous shoes at an even better price tag. They make shoes inspired by runway looks at over 70% off. I’m a sucker for pointed toe pumps like these and can often be spotted rummaging through the NW displays searching for Louboutin and Jimmy Choo lookalikes. If you’re a working girl on budget, I highly recommend checking out Nine West for the perfect “designer” footwear. If you can find the money to buy an amazing pair of heels, lucky you! Some of my favorites are these nude Choos, Charlotte Olympia slippers, and the holy grail Saint Laurents. When it comes to handbags, I’m a sucker for a good Kate Spade. Although it’s not cheap, Kate Spade is definitely on the more affordable spectrum. Their handbags are both colorful and classy, and always make me feel retro and girly. On the more designer end, I’m absolutely in love with the Sac De Jour by Saint Laurent. If I could have any handbag in the world for free, I would choose this one in a heartbeat. You can’t go wrong with a well made, black leather bag.
Shoes: SAVE
Handbags: SPLURGE

I hope this fashion guide was helpful for all of you ladies (and guys) that are getting into the realm of high fashion. Let it be known that while “fashion fades, style is eternal” -Yves Saint Laurent