The Prom Look

Prom is such a strange concept. Dressing up, finding a date and eating (sometimes tasteless!) food makes teenagers all over the world feel like they are finally stepping into the world of adulthood. I had my prom Saturday night and after much thought, went stag with a few of my friends. The night itself was fine (dancing and playing games with my classmates isn’t really my scene!), but my favorite part was shopping for an outfit and getting ready. After a glamorous find on Rent The Runway which ended up to be a bust, I had given up hope on finding ‘the dress’ until my dad took me to go shopping. We searched the racks of Nordstrom and other stores to find a classic dress, but we didn’t have much luck until we hit T.J. Maxx. The discount store had, to my utter shock, gorgeous designer dress for a fraction of the original price! I ended up with this gorgeous, cobalt blue dress from Rebecca Taylor and paired it with my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC and Merona Black Heels. Although the look is a bit grown up and not a typical prom dress, I absolutely love it. The cut and silhouette are classy and made me feel like a mini fashionable woman for the night. Isn’t that what prom is all about, anyway?