The Player’s Tribune

I’ve been reading about sports for quite some time now, but no website or book could compare to the collection of essays that is The Player’s Tribune. TPT is an online company founded by baseball great Derek Jeter, which allows athletes to record and publish stories about different experiences or life stories. Each essay is written in first-person, which gives readers an inside look into their favorite athletes’ emotions and memories. Some of my favorite accounts are about former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette’s brush with death and Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin’s tribute to San Antonio Spurs icon Tim Duncan. Each letter and article is penned with grace and truly invites fans to experience what the players have felt- each tear they shed, the hits they’ve taken and the moments that inspired them. One day I want to work for the company, whether it be in editing the stories or communicating with the athletes. In the next few years as the brand expands, fans all over the world will have Jeter to thank for showing them the men and women behind the athletes.