The Pinkest Look of Them All

The pinkest look

J.Crew sweater (similar here), Zara pants, Frasier Sterling necklace, J.Crew flats, Kate Spade scarf (not worn, similar here)

In middle school I used to wear full black outfits everywhere I went to maintain the “Christian emo” appearance that my closest friends had. I wouldn’t dare style any color unless black was the baseline, so younger me would be shocked to see the pinkest outfit ever, which now embodies everything I love about fashion. Of course I still love listening to the screamo bands of my youth, but my style has changed quite a bit over the past 12 years. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve recently been inspired by some of the women making fashion and clothing TikToks I follow (specifically Carla Rockmore who truly gets meI want her closet and friendship) and that the way I put outfits together has completely changed because of them. I’ve never been one to blindly follow trends, but my style hasn’t been anything unique or particularly fun to look at. Recently though, I’m trying to branch out of my comfort zone and put together looks like the pinkest one ever above with some of my favorite pieces I’d usually style in easier ways. This fluffy pink sweater from J.Crew is one of the most beautiful purchases I made in recent months and yet I never wore it until this video. Before, I would have paired it with some blue jeans and my pale pink Cole Haan mules I’ve worn into the ground and called it a day. But now, I decided to do a fairly monochrome look with my checkered Zara pants (last worn here in another slightly boring outfit) and with the sweater tucked into my bra (a style hack I saw on TikTok) to give my waist more shape and some edge. Of course a fully pink look deserves some pearls and what better to wear than my Frasier Sterling name necklace? I finished the outfit with these gorgeous pink leather flats I received for Christmas and although I didn’t wear it, I would’ve turned my favorite new Kate Spade square scarf into a little tote bag. Watch my TikTok above or here to see the look come together!