The Perfect High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers

High waisted wide leg trousers

Knit top via Savers, Uniqlo cardigan, Uniqlo pants, Target belt, J.Crew flats via Poshmark

When I used to binge watch the beauty and fashion YouTubers of the early-to-mid 2010’s, I spent countless dollars in my tiny savings account on foundations, eyeshadows, and any other product my favorite vloggers recommended. I was obsessed with Lisa Eldridge (still am!) and Ingrid Nilsen and I somehow purchased numerous beauty and clothing items they featured in their videos as I was so easily convinced I needed everything they shared. Now that I’m a grown girl with a job and monthly bills, I try not to cave as quickly when I see beautiful dresses or cardigans or lipglosses online (although I admit I immediately bought this Free People robe Carla Rockmore styled that I absolutely did not need and I’ve yet to wear it), but sometimes I’m still influenced to give in when I’m bombarded with videos or images of certain items like the essential high waisted wide leg trousers! I saw all of the cool girl outfits on TikTok that featured wide leg trousers with oversized knits French-tucked in or men’s button downs half-tucked and I was completely inspired by every look. Especially since I’m working in a more professional office now (albeit once a week in person), I thought I needed a pair of looser-fit work pants than my regular Zara tapered ones (these are the shoes I’m wearing with either pant!). It’s been extremely difficult to find wide leg trousers that fit a short body like mine and are within my price range (aka not from Aritzia, though I’m captivated by their Effortless pant!!) and these Uniqlo Wide-Fit Pleated Pants are exactly what I was searching for! The Uniqlo pants can be altered online (which I had done) for an extra $6 or in person for free and they hit at the exact right spot in my midsection. I sized down for my khaki and gray pairs so as not to have that balloon pant look and I think the fit is the perfect amount of oversized! The pants have a bit of stretch so they don’t feel like hard crepe and I love a belt loop to add extra accessory to my waistline. For only $50, I don’t think there’s a better high waisted wide leg trouser on the market! Consider me back to my easily influenced self!