The Perfect Friend Christmas Party

Friend Christmas party
Drinks at friend Christmas party
Friends at friend Christmas party

One of my favorite parts of being home for the year is that I get to spend all of the holidays with my favorite people, including my best friends from elementary and high school. Every year, we try to celebrate the holiday season with a trip to see the Honolulu City Lights or a Christmas-themed sleepover at my house (we all somehow fit on one futon and my couch), but this year we had a real friend Christmas party at my Aunty and Uncle’s house on Christmas lane where we did all of the festive activities! I loved this year’s friend Christmas party because it consisted of sugar cookies, fancy ass hot chocolate, and Christmas cosmopolitans Parker made since it’s my favorite drink. The night was special enough because I can rarely wrangle all of my pals together for a specific time, but somehow, we made it work! We started the night by eating dinner at Chile Relleno (my favorite Mexican restaurant on Oʻahu) and returned home to make all of our homemade treats. After stuffing our faces, we took the cookie dough (recipe coming Thursday) we’d already prepared out from the fridge and forced Kaiʻolu to roll out each piece and cut them into shapes as she’s apparently the only one who could keep each cookie in tact. Parker began mixing the Christmas cosmos aka regular cosmopolitans with Cranberry-pomegranate juice in preparation for his inevitable bartending career and we each had at least three glasses (except for Kaiʻolu because Mormonism). While Mikayla and I watched the cookies bake, Brandon made the coconut hot chocolate (recipe also coming Thursday) that required multiple taste tests and adjustments because we’re obviously Chopped chefs. We walked around the block for a while and marveled at the ridiculous amounts of Christmas lights and blow up characters were on the neighbors’ lawns and after decorating a handful of the sugar cookies, Kaiʻolu skedaddled, leaving the rest of us to finish the hot chocolate and package the remaining cookies. Unfortunately, none of us got Christmas drunk, but I didn’t fall asleep with my makeup on, so it was a successful friend Christmas party in my opinion!