The Perfect Floral Dress

Lush dress, Ocean Creations necklace, Kate Spade Saturday bag (old)

During winter break I lived in dresses and hiking clothes but this dress was my favorite of them all. I immediately fell in love with the style and pattern when I saw it in Nordstrom and despite a fitting room mishap (I couldn’t take it off and tried pulling and stretching it over my head but it was stuck over my arms. I freaked out and stood with my arms straight over my head and the dress half off for 20 minutes before finally pulling it over.), happily purchased it. The dress cinches in at the waist and has a deep-v (that I have to cover with a half-cami or else the world would see my immodesty), which is perfect for fancier occasions. I wore it to a friend’s wedding with strappy sandals and my favorite Saturday bag (RIP Saturday). After I saw the same dress in black a few weeks later, I bought it as well! And don’t worry, I finally learned how to put on and take off a dress like a normal human.