The Perfect Cropped Red Sweater

The perfect cropped red sweater

Urban Outfitters sweater (on sale!), American Eagle jeans, Cole Haan shoes, Madewell bag

Ever since I started dedicating myself to my health journey (is that annoying to say?) back in June, I’ve had to incorporate new (here’s my last outfit I wrote about) and old clothing pieces into my wardrobe. I obviously love clothes and accessories shopping (trying to laugh and not cry about my November-December credit card bill), but it can sometimes be frustrating to find outfits to wear when the ones I’d usually sport aren’t fitting right anymore. *Disclaimer: I’m definitely not trying to attention seek with this post and act like it’s such a struggle to find clothes that fit my body! Apologies if I’m coming across that way!* I’ve purchased a few new pieces over the past several months, and cropped tops and sweaters reign supreme in my new closet. I love how the short lengths fall above or at my jean and skirt level, because that’s where I feel they look most flattering on me. I’ve been looking for soft, cropped sweaters for the winter time and I found the most perfect cropped red sweater from Urban Outfitters! I’ve actually purchased a few sweaters from the store, but this cropped red one I’m wearing is my favorite of the three. The sweater is blanket-soft, hits right at my waist, and the sleeves fall to my wrists. Because it’s so short (for me, at least) I like the high crewneck, especially when I wear it to work with these jeans or a high waisted skirt. I usually wear the cropped red sweater with this outfit above: my favorite American Eagle blue jeans, these leopard print Cole Haan mules, and my wear-with-everything brown Madewell tote. For a more Christmas-y look, I think I’d sport the sweater with a glittery gold skirt, black Mary Janes, and a jeweled headband!