The Perfect Black Bikini for Every Location

The perfect black bikini

I haven’t shared a picture of my body in a swimsuit on here since 2018 it seems (she’s cute!) because in between then and now, I was both ashamed of what I looked like and didn’t have any new suits to post. Those reasons seem reasonable, right? I’ve struggled with body image and self esteem issues since fourth grade when my fellow Kamehameha kids made me realize I was bigger and more developed than everyone else (or the other girls at least). Even in 2018 when I wrote that teeniest bikini post, I said “I was/am extremely insecure about my body. I haven’t been eating as healthy as I should or working out as much as before, so my areas of chub have increased. For those reasons, I’ve covered up as much as possible and sported the same two swimsuits every time I saw the ocean. Instead of having fun with my friends and enjoying my time, I was worrying about how others were viewing me.” Now that I’m feeling better about myself emotionally and physically, I wanted to stock up on cute new bikinis I could wear to the beach. I put together this perfect black bikini that’s equally flattering and comfy for every scenario! I initially wanted to buy a matching top and bottom from Skatie because I love their several black bikini separates, but the only remaining top I could find didn’t fit my boobs correctly. However, the Skatie Dylan Bottom fit me perfectly and looks great with this old Aerie top I had from the good ole days of 2018 when I spent all of my money on swimwear! Aerie doesn’t make this top style anymore, but here’s a slightly similar option that’s on sale! Finding a perfect black bikini that fits my body well makes me feel more confident going to the beach than I’ve been in the past. I hope you all find a cute and comfy outfit to wear to your next beach outing as well!