The Perfect $10 Bralette

Affordable bralette

I’ve worn some type of bra or bralette since I was in third grade (early onset puberty was not kind to me) with my first ever bra looking like a version of the one above. I still have chills thinking about the pure white bra with thick straps and front hook my mom bought for me from Sears when I went to New Zealand in fourth grade and needed some extra coverage up top. I’ve tried a variety of bras in my short lifetime with most of my favorite ones coming from Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s (I wrote about the ones I wore in college in this post!). I’ve focused most of my attention on padded and underwire bras throughout most of my bra-wearing years as I was convinced my chest would lengthen and sag should I wear a sports bra or bralette instead (a myth I heard from my fellow fifth grade girls). I was obsessed with the Warner’s This Is Not A Bra Lightly Lined Convertible Strapless Bra during my junior and senior years of high school, so I exclusively wore it every day, even during marching band practices! Can you imagine? Now that my chest is significantly smaller than it once was (seriously my greatest insecurity at the moment), I’ve focused on incorporating comfortable and colorful bralettes like this Auden Women’s Seamless Bralette in size small, which I own in three colors: purple, pink, and white. I used to avoid bralettes because they usually didn’t have padding and seemed to flatten my chest no matter what style I wore. However, this Auden one has regular pads, adjustable straps, a stretchy band under the cups, and lots of bright and colorful shades—all for $10! I initially bought the pink color way and wore it under all of my outfits from tight ribbed dresses to sheer flowy tops, and it looked great with every piece! The bralette doesn’t make my boobs look flat, but instead smooths my chest under every top and/or dress, so there aren’t any bra lines showing through. Now that I’m always comfortable and I can wear the bralettes peeking through my clothing when I want to, I may never go back to a regular bra (unless I have to)! 9-year-old me would be thrilled!