The Overall Wishlist

Overall Wishlist

Current Elliott overall / Rag Bone overall / Topshop overall / Frame Denim overall / Frame Denim short overall

Overalls typically go hand in hand with 5 year olds and pigtails, so it was surprising to see the clothing piece become a recurring trend. When I first saw the trend worn as a light wash rinse with extremely ripped cutoffs, I was worried that this was becoming a fashion piece that would be synonymous with highlow skirts and leggings as pants (don’t even get me started). However, I started to see popular fashion bloggers and celebrities wearing overalls in a really chic and attainable way, which completely changed my opinion on the piece. I‘ve been coveting the rag & bone jumpsuit denim version for a while and I know that it will be the perfect trend for the summer time!

Which overall is your favorite?