The NFL Boycott

Writer and activist Shaun King recently announced an organized boycott of the NFL over the league’s blacklisting of former player Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick began kneeling during the playing of the national anthem last season while other athletes around the nation followed suit. His kneeling was in peaceful protest against the treatment of black people in America. Since he began protesting, Kaepernick has been called racist slurs, banned from playing on any team in the league, and treated as a pariah in the sports world by fans, fellow players, game announcers, analysts, and reporters. Although Kaepernick hasn’t been signed or picked up by any team to play the game he loves, he’s continued to do good work in communities across the nation by volunteering, donating almost $1 million to different charities, and holding workshops for children of color to learn what their legal rights are in a world of police brutality.

Shaun King asked his followers and supporters of Kaepernick’s cause to pledge their protest of the league for as long as Colin is out of a job. Until he is signed to a team, we will not watch any games or give the NFL our money and time. I didn’t think I would be able to lend my support to this challenge as I love football. I love watching QB sacks, hail mary’s, and miraculous comebacks. I love the camaraderie that follows suit when fans come together. However, I love people of color and justice more. I hate police brutality and the injustice people suffer more. I will not watch any NFL games until Colin Kaepernick is on a team as he rightfully should be. When justice is served, then we can all enjoy the sport we love.