The New In Kate Spade Picks

Kate Spade has consistently created beautiful handbag collections throughout the years, but this Fall features some of my favorites. I’ve mentioned a few times on TIN that I need a new bag for Autumn/Winter and these three are my top picks. The beautiful navy Chaplin Drive Heloise is classic and stunning. I usually go for black bags during this time of year, but a navy one is a modern take on a classic shade. I love the simplistic gold bow on the front and the all leather detail around the purse. If it were a tad cheaper, I would be handing over my credit card in a heartbeat! This pink Cedar Street Mini Nora is a standard Noelle bag because of its cute shape and all season appropriate shade. I love the boxy shape of the purse and the chain link strap. This oxblood Cedar Street Maise is one of my favorite styles of all time. Oxblood is my go-to color during the Autumn/Winter time and this everyday bag adds class to any outfit.