The New Foaming Face Wash

I’m a big fan of Garnier shower products so when I saw the brand’s new line of skincare, I knew I had to try it out. The new line is split up into categories based upon the skin’s texture and type. I gravitated toward the cute, pink bottle (of course), which was a part of the Combination skin line. The Garnier Clean+ Purifying Foam Cleanser is an all around great product. The packaging is very practical as it doesn’t have a pump, so the user must squeeze the bottle to distribute the product. The ratio of amount of product to price is great with nearly 7 fl oz for $8 USD. The foam is airy and light with a delicious fruity scent, which makes it enjoyable to apply. I find that this doesn’t really break me out and it makes my skin feel squeaky clean after each use. So far, I’m really loving this new cleanser and I intend on using it all up!

Have you tried the new Garnier+ skincare products?