The NARSissist Eye Palette 3 Ways

I’ve shared my love for the NARSissist Eye Palette in this post, but I never really went into full detail on the glory of the palette. The vast range of shades beg to be blended into glamorous smokey eyes or neutral washes of color. The palette is beautiful and the shadow formulations are so buttery soft and blendable. I’ve really been enjoying using it on my eyes for the past month or so and I wanted to share my three favorite looks I’ve created with you all!

The Neutral Eye: Madrague 2 (top row, second one) + Bali (top row, fourth one) + Madrague 1 (middle row, first one). The left hand side of the palette is a no makeup makeup lover’s dream. I’ve been having lots of fun playing with the left side because I tend to usually go for the bronze-browns in shadows to create dark smokey eyes. To start off with I used Madrague 2, which is a light caramel shade for a light wash of color on my lids. To create a bit of depth, I added a hint of Bali, which cooled down the first shade a little. I used Madrague 1 to blend out the two shadows and add uniformity to the look. I actually really liked this look and I plan on wearing it more with a neutral lip on no-fuss days.

The Violet Affair: Ashes to Ashes (middle row, third one) + Brousse 2 (middle row, fourth one) + Bali (top row, fourth one). Because my eyes are a light brown, I really like a nice wash of purple on my lids. To create the look, I started off with Ashes to Ashes, which is a soft violet with a hint of shimmer. I smoked it out a bit with Brousse 2; a darker plum shade that also has shimmer running throughout. To add more smokeyness to the look, I added quite a bit of Bali, the dark gray shade in the crease and to line my upper lashline.

The Blackened Bronze Look: Fez (top row, third one) + Coconut Grove (top row, last one) + Mekong (middle row, last one). A typical TIN look- this has to be my favorite of the bunch. I first applied Fez, a copper-gold shade and blended it out with Coconut Grove, a dark matte brown. Because the look seemed one dimensional, I added Mekong, a black-bronze color. Mekong can come across as a very dark blackish brown, so I made sure to blend the shadows very liberally.

Which one is your favorite look?