The Mint Green Smocked Floral Dress

Mint green floral smocked dress

Melloday Dress (on sale!), Cole Haan shoes, Madewell bag

Dresses are my favorite pieces to wear throughout the year and on any occasion (like at graduation or a basketball game!), but even more so during summertime where the heat becomes almost unbearable. Since I’ve been wearing and sharing my favorite pairs of denim jeans for the past few months (the office I work in is always freezing and I only get dressed up for work), I wanted to write about my newest favorite mint green smocked floral dress! Smocked tops and dresses are categorized by the embroidery process used to gather fabric so the final product can be stretched. The fabrics are folded in an accordion pattern-like pleat and stitched into place. After the entire piece is sewed together, the pleats can be pulled and stretched before snapping back into place. I find that pieces like my mint green smocked floral dress are the most flattering, especially across the boob area. The dress enhances rather than flattens my chest and the bohemian style—typical of smocked pieces—is dressed up a little and given a feminine edge. I’m a big fan of smocked tops and dresses, and this one has puffy sleeves, which add to the girly look! I found the dress at Nordstrom Rack (obviously the favorite of Brandon and me) and loved the fantastic quality, which is rare when purchasing cheaper pieces. It’s fully lined with a mint slip layer and both fabrics feel slightly heavy and thick. Although ideally I would have styled the dress with my white Cole Haan mules (they prematurely broke, so I just repurchased new ones), I wore my pink version, though they slightly contrast with the mint, purple, and yellow in my smocked frock. However, I actually love this outfit, especially with my favorite ever brown Madewell tote and everyday accessories!