The Massaging Brush Two Years On

Massaging brush

Since I discovered the proper way to care for my curly hair several years ago, I’ve been left with much healthier and happier waves/curls. I used to wash my hair every single night and sleep on the lengths til they dried in the morning (an absolutely disgusting way to live now that I think about it), which I now know is a basic way to dry out my locks. After years of practice and slowly stretching the days between washes, I’ve gotten to the point where I do a full hair wash once every four days! My lifetime best friend Kaiʻolu thinks I’m gross, but all curly girls know that it’s important to extend styles and build up the natural hair oils. My hair doesn’t get as oily as it used to and I think each strand is mostly healthier than before (the curls look okay, right?), but now I struggle with product/oil/particle buildup that turns into dandruff-like fallout. I didn’t know how to get rid of the scalp flakes I was increasingly noticing until I found this massaging scalp brush! There are many different versions of these scalp brushes but generally, they’re made of plastic with thick silicone bristles and a handle for one’s hand to easily slide in. On my wash day/night I’ll lather up tons of shampoo all over my scalp (not down the lengths of course) and use this massaging brush to exfoliate and lightly scrape the product and oily bits left behind on my head. I know that sounds absolutely disgusting, but I’m sure there’s no better way to describe the process. I take my time exfoliating and getting all over my head from the top to the sides and underneath my hair. After scrubbing, I apply my conditioner, rinse, and go! I’ve used the massaging brush every four days for the past two years now and my hair feels and looks healthier and cleaner. I would recommend this brush to anyone dealing with the same issues as I was!


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