The Long Stretch

In just over a week, the most difficult semester of my school career will be over! Over the past four months I worked 530 hours, took 17 credits (okay, 14 after I dropped my awful Poly Sci class), ran nearly every women’s tennis match by myself, and succeeded and failed in my classes. I’ve dealt with the loss of people I love in a difficult business, put myself out there in order to excel, cried a lot and learned more about myself than ever before. In these past four months I feel like I’ve aged a good 30 years, but I’m trying to revel in the fact that I’m halfway pau with college. While the days feel like they’ll never end and my stress levels are often inconceivable, the semesters are flying by right in front of me. Many of my closest friends are graduating in a couple weeks and it will be difficult to say goodbye. I can’t believe it’s already been two years since I graduated high school and moved to a new city without knowing anyone. In the next week, I have one essay and four final exams to prepare for before I can fly home for the summer. I’ll be studying, taking notes and reading till I’m allowed to get excited for three months at home! Let’s go, finals week.