The Life Changing Restaurant

Gary Danko is the most incredible restaurant I’ve ever experienced. Our first visit was in 2014 and the food was so amazing we had to go back! Luckily we reserved a table on our most recent trip and had the same life changing experience as the first. Gary Danko is a high end restaurant without extravagant prices. Located in Russian Hill, the multi course eatery boasts its twelfth Five Diamond rating from AAA and a Michelin rating. Although it mainly features French cuisine, the chefs also create Asian and American inspired dishes. The menu lists dozens of appetizers, entrees, and desserts meant to be paired in three, four, or five courses. Gary Danko is unique because they encourage diners to tailor their selections to their taste: selecting one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert, or even three entrees, three desserts, or three appetizers. We usually go for the classic one, one, one, but my dad chose the four course selection with one appetizer, two entrees, and a dessert. The prices for all are reasonable with three courses for $89, four for $107, and five for $125. For my menu, I chose the sweet corn soup, seared fillet of beef, and peanut butter bar and they were all the best foods I’ve ever tasted. The waiters are all extremely attentive, the food is incredible, and every element of the restaurant makes us want to go back every day. If you ever have the chance to reserve a table, I highly recommend it for the best meal of your life!