The Least Frizzy Styling and Diffusing Routine

My least frizzy hair

I know what you’re thinking: how many curly hair routines can one Noelle share when they all end up looking the same? Believe me, if I could snap my fingers and somehow end up with voluminous and defined ringlets and no frizz, I would in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, the reality of my wash and go routine is a two-hour process in which I utilize hover diffusing, microplopping, and way more gel than is necessary in order to achieve the least frizzy curls with as much moisture and definition as possible. Even though my hair looks pretty much identical to that of my last Aussie-centric routine, today’s entire styling and diffusing process provided me with the least frizzy curls I’ve had in months.

I took a break from the Aussie products I used at the beginning of June because they were over-moisturizing my hair to the point of uncontrollable frizz and lacking curl hold. By the time I came home after work, the backside of my hair looked like I had started brushing it. Not the best results for day one curls! To try and rule out the outlaws, I went back to the Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Defining Cream and Frizz Control Sculpting Gel. I applied both products in sections on soaking wet hair and brushed through with my Denman brush to evenly distribute. After brushing, I shook out the small clumps so they could find their natural curl pattern. I flipped my hair over and scrunched as much as possible until the curls started to take shape. It’s important to not over-scrunch though, as that’s when frizz begins to form, and we’re looking to achieve the least frizzy ringlets. Once I had scrunched just enough with a t-shirt, I placed the shirt on the ground and essentially microplopped by flipping my head over and placing the curls on it while kneeling. This plopping technique also encourages the curls to form while I began hover diffusing by literally hovering my diffuser all around my head (focusing on the roots mostly). This method allows a gel cast to form and creates less frizz. When I felt like my curls were half dry, I diffused as normal, flipping my hair from side to side to achieve more volume. At about 90% dry, I finished by letting my curls air dry. I still had a little bit of frizz around the top of my head and the mid lengths, so I mixed a pea sized amount of gel with water and glided my hands in a praying motion on top of the hair. Two hours of styling and one full day at work later, here’s the least frizzy and most defined curls I’ve had in a long time!