The Last One

After a grueling week of long practices, rain, 90 degree weather and intense sunburns, I’ve finally finished my last band camp. It seems like yesterday I was heading to my first camp filled with anxiety and worries. I was scared to meet new people and become the “baby” once again. My first band camp was filled with the hardest work I’ve ever done, practices with people I didn’t know, and nights full of me puking my guts out (pretty, I know). As the years have gone by, I’ve experienced both heart wrenching pain and amazing success on the field and in the band room. It probably sounds nerdy and weird to talk about my band experience on TIN, but it truly has become a part of who I am. Above all the blood, sweat, and tears that I’ve put into each show for the past three years, I’ve found bits and pieces of myself in band. I met my best friends on the field and I discovered my passion for music and leadership throughout the Wednesday and Saturday rehearsals. It’s bittersweet to start my last year of band, but I know that I’ll give my all to make it the best year yet.