The Last Day

I know that pretty much all of my posts this month have been about my last experiences in high school rather than my usual fashion or beauty write up, but I want to be realistic and share what I’ve been going through for the past few weeks. School has been consistently stressful and frustrating for a while and although I’m sad to leave my friends behind as I move forward in life, I’m really excited to start on my new journey. After nine years at my school eating the same food, seeing the same people, doing the same work, etc, it’s nice to have a fresh start.

I checked out of school today with one of my closest friends. It’s been a long and tiring process that forced me to run around campus looking for money, my i.d., and a jacket to cover up my non-dress-code outfit, I’m finally done. Graduating will be one of my most precious accomplishments and I can’t wait for Sunday!