The Inspiration Board

For the past few years I’ve left my bedroom untouched decoratively, which has always left me feeling gloomy and uncomfortable in the room. I’ve wanted to decorate and reorganize the contents of my room and I jumped at the chance to recently (room tour anyone?). I picked up a brand new comforter set, dark wooden desk, fairy lights, and cork board for inspirational pictures. I’ve wanted a desk and a big inspiration board for a while now and finally making it happen has been so exciting! I purchased a 2 1/2 foot long bulletin board to pin images and mementos on as a tangible form of Pinterest. My bulletin board (or inspiration board as I like to call it) is so inspiring to look at when I’m in desperate need of fashion or beauty help. I also like to keep some memories of past trips and events on it to remind me of my favorite experiences. The inspiration board above my desk will help to keep me focused throughout the year and inspire me to become a better beauty and fashion blogger!