The Importance of Properly Fitting Clothes

The most important fashion advice I could ever give is to purchase clothes and accessories that fit and flatter. Our society focuses so much on what size you’re wearing, that that number or letter may seem like the only aspect of clothing that matters. We are taught to idolize Kardashians and Victoria’s Secret Angels because they have ideal body types instead of praising our own. When I try on clothes in a size I know won’t fit me, I’m left feeling discouraged and unhappy instead of excited to purchase new pieces. Fashion is a significant part of who I am and I never want to it to become a negative social ideal. Over the years I’ve learned to accept all of my physical attributes, even the ones I don’t like. I’ve found that celebrating and enhancing the parts I love such as my eyes, chest and hips makes me feel better than I would wearing a piece in a size I covet, but doesn’t actually fit me. We need to stop focusing on the sizes of our clothing and instead on how they make us feel. I love this outfit because jeans are my go-to piece and this J.Crew jacket is my favorite outerwear item of all time. I feel the most comfortable and the most myself because every clothing piece fits me perfectly. I don’t care that I had to size up on my denim for a better fit, because when I do wear them, I feel amazing. Remember that sizes vary between brands and the least important part of shopping is whether you’re choosing a small or medium. Once you begin filling your closet with pieces that represent who you are in a plethora of sizes and colors, you will find an inner courage and strength. Fashion is an extension our ourselves, so show yourself off in the outfit you love!