The Importance of Beauty Minis

I love buying fresh beauty products, especially ones that are my tried-and-true holy grail items. But sometimes I wonder if there’s a better way to shop where I don’t have to spend money on products that I might dislike. That’s where sample minis come in. Whenever I used to go to Sephora or Nordstrom and a sales associate would include a sample of perfume or moisturizer in my bag, I would throw the product away. However, I’ve realized the importance of these tiny products and how they have the chance to transform one’s beauty cabinet! Samples give us the opportunity to test out products without having to fork out handfuls of cash over bottles and jars we might end up hating. We are also able to learn more about unfamiliar beauty items that could be holy grail worthy! I recently tried the Origins Original Skin Serum and my skin loved it! If I didn’t test it out on my skin, I would have disregarded the product and lost out on a future favorite. Minis are also great for traveling or just in case of emergency. I ran out of my favorite moisturizer the other day and panicked until I found the Origins Ginzing Moisturizer deluxe sample in my bathroom drawer. Now that I have a backup plan, I won’t worry about rationing my moisturizer until a new one comes in. Next time you’re given a miniature version of a beauty item, try it out. It could be the miracle your skin or makeup counter is looking for!