The HP Sprocket Photo Printer

Last Christmas, my mom stuffed the HP Sprocket Photo Printer in my stocking (despite my protests against receiving gifts) and I’ve gotten great use out of the unique device. The sprocket is a portable printer that doesn’t require ink. It only needs sheets of photo paper loaded into the device and bluetooth connection to a cell phone. I’m still not certain how it works without ink, but it somehow easily prints my favorite pictures on HP’s thick sticker paper to be posted anywhere I desire. I simply open the HP sprocket app and click on the picture I want to print. Once the bluetooth connection is established, I tap the print icon and my photos are tangible within one minute. The printer is a bit pricey at $129.99, but the number of photos it can print is immeasurable! I like to throw my sprocket in my purse as a modern Polaroid camera so I can hand out printed pictures to all of my friends.