The Haymarket Books I Bought on Sale

Haymarket Books I just bought

I’ve been reading many a novel in the past couple of months (the most recent narrative I read and loved…who am I?) in favor of my usual nonfiction and poetry chapbooks, but the mass protests around the world inspired me to return to my hub of racial justice, PIC abolitionist, and anti-capitalist informational texts. I bought all of these books from Haymarket Books during one of their largest sales—50% every book! Haymarket Books is a radical and independent online bookstore that sells books focused on all of my passions (and especially abolition) by some of the brightest and most informed authors of our time. Because of the 50% discount, I was able to purchase more books than I needed, but I intend on sharing them with any friends and family members who request the resources. Many of these books are also on Haymarket Books as free pdf downloads, so there aren’t any excuses for why one would be ignorant about police violence in the literary world. These collections are teaching me more about PIC abolition, safety, and what it means to repair harm in a society that prioritizes punishment and retribution. The Haymarket Books sale is over at this point, but if you’re interested in any of the books shown above, I highly recommend you check out any of the free e-books, or support this fantastic organization by buying your books from them!