The Happiest of Birthdays, Dad!

The happiest of birthdays

The month of December is the most exciting (for me) and most stressful (for my mom) in my family as we celebrate my and dad’s birthdays and my parents’ anniversary all before Christmas. Today is my dear father’s day of birth and I want to wish him the happiest of birthdays ever because he truly deserves it! We are extremely different people, dad and I, but two conversation topics we will always agree on are football and food. One of my greatest joys since I moved home two years ago has been watching every Baylor football game with my parents as we discuss the happenings of the quarters and what we are excited about and/or what we’d do differently. Although I truly loved working at Baylor football games and spending each week in the press box while I was in college, I’m grateful to have a dad who listens to my sports opinions and validates each of my statements. This season has been especially fun since we started filming ourselves watching all of Baylor’s football matchups, which many other Baylor fans have loved watching (you can watch all of them on my TikTok here or last week’s one here!). As evidenced by our videos, dad and I are twins in both our yelling and body movements while watching and I never thought we really looked alike until those replays! It’s been such a joy to spend every weekend with my dad (and mom of course) making these great memories while doing what we love most. I’m grateful to have a father who encourages and supports me in everything I do (even if he disagrees with me) because not everyone is as lucky as I am in this experience. My dad deserves the happiest of birthdays today and every year and I hope we can watch Baylor Football and eat delicious meals together for countless years to come!