The Hamilton Mixtape

When Lin-Manuel Miranda performed the title track from “Hamilton” at the White House in 2009, no one could have expected the play to take the world by storm. Hamilton is now one of the most famous plays of all time, featuring hip hop and r&b songs performed by actors of color (hooray!!). After the play sold out for years and ticket sale prices skyrocketed, it seemed like the rest of us would never have the chance to witness the greatness of the show. Luckily, Lin-Manuel is the greatest human since Bill Snyder and decided to publish a Hamilton anthology, starred in a documentary about the play and now wrote and produced the Hamilton Mixtape. The soundtrack is filled with remixed versions of current songs in the play as well as demos and interludes to some of Lin’s unreleased songs. Performers like Usher, NAS, The Roots, Sia, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys and John Legend participated in the project and I’m so excited to hear the album as a whole! You can pre-order the soundtrack now and hear four released tracks while the entire album is released on December 2nd.