The Halter Dress I Don’t Hate

O’Neill dress, Ocean Creations necklace, Daniel Wellington watch

I haven’t wore a halter-style piece since my mom bought me a child’s size 5 ribbed purple top. Back then, I sported it sans bra plus a yellow and blue plastic necklace every day. Now that I actually have boobs, a more grown-up style is always more appealing. This dress is from O’Neill and I found it at Nordstrom two years ago. I love the cutout in the back and the Koa-esque baubles on the strings. The dress reminds me of the ocean and fits my chest well without revealing my entire front half. I like to style it with my new sunrise shell necklace (and my football ones) as well as my favorite strappy sandals and whatever bag I like that day. It’s the perfect dress for a picnic or a nice dinner (I wore it on my birthday)!