The Half Price Books I Recently Purchased

My selection of half price books

On my recent weekend road trip to visit Stephanie in Houston, I discovered a rare retail gem: Half Price Books! Okay, so HPB may not be that rare (there are dozens of sites in the US!), but it was my first time experiencing such an affordable and vast selection of literature in all forms. I’ve always loved spending hours sorting through bookshelves, picking up the novels I want to read most, and scouring their pages until I reached the end. Although I’m not as diligent a reader as my sister, I still adore books, especially when I get to pick them out myself. One of the best parts of Half Price Books is their array of newer releases for cheap prices! I ended up purchasing four books, with two on my longtime wish list and two as new and exciting discoveries. Gideon’s Trumpet by Anthony Lewis is based on one of the cases I recently discovered in my quest to become a public defender– Gideon v. Wainright— the case that essentially spawned the requirement that all defendants be granted counsel in court. Because I purchased this book at Half Price Books, it was only $6! The Fire This Time by Jesmyne Ward is one that’s been burning a hole in my Barnes and Noble cart. The anthology contains both prose and poetry focusing on the topic of race and oppression inspired by James Baldwin. Black Movie by Danez Smith is a shorter collection of poems by one of my favorite poets ever compared to his Don’t Call Us Dead (one of, if not the best, anthology of poetry I’ve ever read). The chapbook can be read through as one long poem about Black history and oppression and how America easily erases Black people from society. Danez is a genius and that’s my review of the book. Last up is White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo (sense a theme here?). This nonfiction piece by the acclaimed antiracist activist and educator is so important and relevant to history and modern society that I couldn’t not purchase it. I can’t wait to read more (and tweet later)!