The Greatness of Lamar Jackson

The 2016 frontrunner for the Heisman trophy is sophomore Louisville QB Lamar Jackson. Jackson’s name seemingly popped out of nowhere at the beginning of the season when he completed 17 passes of 23 attempts for 286 yards and six touchdowns against Charlotte. Four games later and Jackson has already recorded 1,330 yards and 13 passing touchdowns (+12 more rushing TDs). The combination of his speed and agility makes the dual-threat QB that much more talented on the field. What makes the sophomore one of the most explosive players in the nation? He’s never satisfied. After scoring five passing and two rushing touchdowns in a remarkable performance against Marshall, Jackson gave himself an “F” grade. His completion vs. attempt percentage frustrated him, but he’s continuing to get even better. Jackson never settles for ordinary achievements and always looks to improve by studying his weaknesses. Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino has stated that Jackson can always be found practicing on the field even when no one else is around. Even if he doesn’t win the Heisman trophy this year (which would be insanely wrong), one thing is for sure- Lamar Jackson will soon become a household name.