The Fashion Blogger’s Best Friend

I’ve never ironed my own batches of clothes (thanks mom) as I’ve always chosen to sport flowy blouses and jeans over easily wrinkled pieces. However, as I add thinner tops and dresses to my closet, I’ve had to start cracking out the ironing board and old ass iron. My friend/former roommate Stephanie left me her iron but it broke, and using my desk as a board has not proven successful. When my mom came to Waco to nurse me back to life during my sickness, she bought me the My Little Steamer Go Mini from Target and it’s the most life changing product ever! Instead of fussing around with a large board and trying not to iron more wrinkles and pleats into my outfits, I simply plug in the steamer, wait two minutes for it to heat up, and run it up and down my chosen piece of clothing. Within five minutes, my top or dress is wrinkle free and I didn’t even put in any work! Although I don’t post as many outfits as I would like, I still purchase/wear new pieces frequently so the steamer is my new best friend. I would recommend the under $40 tool for every fashion blogger, clothes lover, and/or human who wears outfits to achieve chic and put-together looks for everyday.