The Essential Dorm Decor

Adjusting to life in college is a difficult process. From new friends to new cultures, class schedules, professors, and extracurricular activities, it’s easy to get caught up in the mess that is a brand new life.   I’ve found that college can become extremely overwhelming and the urge to go home is almost second nature. In my case, the key to staying where I am and not feeling unbearably homesick is this photo collage. It almost seems like common sense to bring pictures and items to remember your friends and family by, but some people forget that actually decorating their room is helpful. I purchased these photo lines from Bed Bath & Beyond and it’s become my favorite part of my room. If you’re in college or will be soon, don’t forget to print out pictures of your home and the people you love. The simple act of seeing your loved ones everyday (although not in person), is the best coping mechanism.