The Electoral System Will Never Save Us

The electoral system

My attitude toward today’s off-year election is the exact opposite of how I felt in 2016 (I was fully and solely engrossed in electoral politics and B*rnie S*nders and I’m embarrassed but it’s okay) as my personal politics have developed and transformed. Whereas I used to be afraid to call myself a democratic socialist back in the day, I’m a full fledged abolitionist and communist now and I’m excited about both! I’ve also fully divested from campaigns and electoral politics in general (here’s why I didn’t vote in 2020) because the electoral system only works to maintain the Western ideas of colonization, white supremacy, and genocidal violence. One of the most frustrating parts about election years, including odd election ones is how celebrities, politicians, and other everyday people argue that voting is the most important action anyone can take and just voting blue is enough to make real change. In 2020, the Democrats propped up and elected one of the least exciting and competent candidates for president and expected the rest of the country to pick him over the other devil in office (I’m still shocked B*den won and I’m expecting the Republicans to take back every part of government in 2024). The Dems also nominated corporate candidates for political seats, gave up in every fight for COVID relief, left every single person in America behind during the pandemic, sustained policies Tr*mp and his goons enacted, etc., and somehow expect everything in America to be fine because of who the president is. Like I and many others expected during 2020’s election and this current one, nothing has fundamentally changed in the U.S. because the electoral system prevents everyone from having homes, food, healthcare, education, jobs, clean water, and conflict prevention resources to perpetuate itself. Since B*den took office three years ago, we still see people sleeping on sidewalks, high unemployment numbers, cops killing people, barbaric incarceration, people dying without healthcare, massive inflation, etc. And despite and even because of a Democrat in office, we are seeing the US and Europe’s ongoing genocidal colonization of Palestine prevailing to new heights of slaughter and mass displacement (read more about Palestine here). B*den’s interest in and relationship with the Israelis has exacerbated the current ethnic cleansing of Palestinians (I say current because Palestinians have been annihilated since the Israeli colonization project began). America is a violent, racist, unjust country because of capitalism and white supremacy and neither of those will disappear if there’s more Democrats in office. We need to work with comrades toward a world where we are all safe, healthy, and given what we need to thrive and bloom and no matter what has happened with this election or the future ones, that work will only be done outside of the electoral system.