The Dyson Supersonic Dryer is Worth Every Penny

Dyson supersonic dryer
The back of the Dyson supersonic dryer

Dyson is mostly known for its quiet yet mighty vacuum cleaners, but the company’s expansion into the realm of haircare was an ideal move. Dyson has been having a beauty moment on both Instagram and TikTok as videos of people primarily using the Airwrap styler on their straight, voluminous hair have blown up. I’ve never used the Airwrap styler (obviously), but ever since I was gifted the Dyson Supersonic Dryer last year, my entire drying and diffusing process transformed! If there’s one thing I hate, it’s washing and drying my hair (which is a hatred that’s been documented over the past several years). I hate spending nearly two hours vigorously shampooing my roots, moisturizing the ends with a deep conditioner, applying all of the leave ins/creams/gels, and suffering from head pain and bodyaches while diffusing my lengths all before bed. Wash day is worse than a chore and even though I don’t do it every day, it’s still my least looked forward to part of the week. Before when I found the Dyson Supersonic, I used the Xtava Dryer and Diffuser, and my results were like night and day. The Xtava diffuser bowl was GIGANTIC and fit almost my entire head into one cupping motion, but it blew my curls apart and left me frizzy with more of a wavy pattern. I used to dry my hair in around 45 minutes with a bit of dampness left under my layers. Enter the Dyson Supersonic in its whopping $400 self and I’ve never looked forward to wash day more. The washing and product addition process still isn’t my cup of tea, but the dryer cuts my diffusion time down to around 15-20 minutes with far less arm and neck pain from the holding and flipping. The diffuser attachment connects magnetically and blasts air into my scalp and curls at an astronomical speed. The dryer is quiet and lightweight and manages to fully dry my thick head of hair in less time than it takes me to finish my lunch. The dryer never blows my curls apart and I finish with minimal to no frizz even after 20 minutes of hot heat. Of course $400 is an absurd amount of money to spend on anything, much less a hair product, but I use the Dyson Supersonic (usually) twice a week and enjoy the cost-per-use calculations I conduct in my head. I would recommend this dryer to anyone with hair on their head, but mostly the diffuser attachment for curly headed folks like myself who would rather do anything instead of drying after wash day. And if you don’t believe me, watch my TikTok above to see how I go from shower to dry in around 30 minutes!