The Dream Handbag

Every woman has her piece of clothing or accessory of choice. Whether it be a shoe, jean, or handbag, (wait…those are all mine) she has her pick that makes her knees go weak and handing her credit card over becomes an easy task. One of my favorite wardrobe items to buy is a beautiful handbag. The one that I would jump over moons for is the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Leather Tote. The bag is incredibly expensive and so gorgeous. The luxurious leather is textured and can make any woman feel like she’s a million bucks.

Whenever I see this piece of art in Nordstrom, I have to stop by and take a good look at it. It reminds me of what I’m working towards later on in life. The handbag represents my dream of becoming a fashion icon in the world of haute couture gowns and killer heels. It makes me want to continue to work hard on my blog and videos in order to make a name for myself. You see, the Saint Laurent handbag isn’t just a bag- it’s a dream.