The Day-Long Adventure

Jacob and I went on an island-wide search for a sunny spot as each of our hiking/beach locations were rained out today. We started in Mānoa where we planned on hiking Puʻu Pia trail and going to the Lyon Arboretum nearby. Unfortunately, the biggest gray cloud hovered over the trail and the rain followed closely behind. We changed our plans to head more toward the East side and aimed for the Makapuʻu lighthouse trail. I finally convinced him to try Uncle Clay’s shave ice before the hike and he loved it (I knew it)! I had my usual strawberry/pineapple mix with mochi and he had the special green tea concoction. After inhaling the shave ice, we finally managed to find some sun and walked up the trail to the top. We finished the day with pizza from Pieology on a mini double date with my parents before I dropped him off at home. I’m hoping for more sweet days like these with my boy.