The Chomage/Tita Bun

Today’s beauty post is all about a specific hairstyle I’m been a fan of, which I like to call my chomage/tita bun. Now I can’t take credit for either of those coined phrases because a chomage (am I even spelling this right?) is a common hairstyle for sumo wrestlers while a tita bun is famous in HawaiĘ»i. Both styles employ a similar idea- a homage is a bun sat at the top of one’s head, while a tita bun is a rubber ban wrapped randomly around a mass of hair. I like this look because I can put it together in two minutes and the only heat styling I include is when I straighten my bangs. In order to achieve this hairstyle, part your hair in two halves. Take the top half and pull it almost all the way through the rubber band, then turn the band and wrap it around another twisted piece until all the hair is up. I’m sorry if this description is hard to follow, but I hope it helps if you want to experiment with new styles. The best part of this hairstyle is that it creates waves after you take your hair out of the rubber band!